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Snow Bengal Cat


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There are so many varieties of Bengal cats you can find in the world today. Snow Bengal cats are one of the best breeds among them. These are wonderful creatures. In this article, we have covered the most important aspects of Snow Bengal Cats so that you understand this breed in a precise manner. 

Snow Bengal Cat


The Snow Bengal Cat was created in the 1980s by two breeders named Gene Johnson (Gogees cattery) and Bob Dundon (Nola cattery). They expanded their gene poll by breeding Warhawk of Flyingwfarms to a sable Burmese. The result of this experimentation was the formation of Bengals with a white fur coats and blue eyes.

Snow Bengal Color Characteristic

There are three different dolor characteristics of the Snow Bengal cat:

  1. Seal Lynx Snow Bengal Cat
  2. Seal Mink Snow Bengal Cat
  3. Seal Sepia Snow Bengal Cat

Seal Lynx Snow Bengal Cat

Seal Lynx Snow Bengal Cat

This is one of the easily recognized breeds among all Snow Bengal cats. They have a beautiful pair of blue eyes and a light base coat that is off-white in color. They have dark seal markings on them. Hence the name Seal Lynx Snow Bengal Cat.

Seal Mink Snow Bengal Cat

Seal Mink Snow Bengal Cat

The Seal Lynx Snow Bengal Cat has a light base coat of ivory and cream colors. They too have blue eyes like Seal Lynx Snow Bengal Cat. The difference, however, is that this breed has a lighter coat shade than the other one. Also, they have a pair of aqua eyes that make them different from each other.

Seal Sepia Snow Bengal Cat

Seal Sepia Snow Bengal Cat`

This cat breed comes in ivory, light tan or cream base coat. They look very similar to Seal Mink. The point of differentiation between the two is the eyes. Seal Sepias have green or golden eyes.

Another way to distinguish between the two types of cats is their coat patterns. Snow Bengal cats have two different coat patterns:

  • Spotted
  • Marbled


There are different varieties in the types of patterns on a Snow Bengal cat. You can find a lot of different sizes, shapes and colors in the spotted patterns in this cat breed. The patterns are dark on a light background. 


These are beautiful animals with unusual characteristics. They have a swirl of dark tones on their back. There are a variety of patterns in the marble coats in their body. This gives a noticeable effect on the cat’s fur. No wonder it is a favorite among cat lovers.

Snow Bengal Cat Characteristics and Personality

Snow Bengals have an interesting temperament. They are an amazing cat breed with characteristics that make them as interesting as their name.

Life Span8 to 15 years of age
Weight6 to 15 pounds

Here are a few important details of this cat breed that makes it one of the most interesting ones.

  • Nothing fascinates them as much as a human company.
  • They love to run around the house and have fun.
  • They love to get your attention.
  • They are always eager to explore new things.
  • They like to play with water.

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