Can Cats Eat Jackfruit? Is Jackfruit Poisonous To Cats?




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Cats aren’t the same as for dogs. They do not come up to you and beg for a bite every time you make a plate of food or a midday snack. Can Cats Eat Jackfruit? Some cat parents believe that their cats should have everything their owners have, even if it is not good for them.

Can Cats Eat Jackfruit

When it comes to fruit, considerable caution is required. 

Can Cats Eat Jackfruit?

Fruits contain natural sugars, which can hurt your cats. Others, such as numerous citrus fruits, can be harmful to your cat. The jackfruit is one of these fruits. You’re familiar with its distinct texture and sweet flavor if you like jackfruit. While your cat will not be able to taste the sweetness, the texture may be appealing to them. If you are wondering can cats eat jackfruit, read further. 

What Is Jackfruit?

Jackfruis are large fruits weighing up to 35 kilos and taste like banana and pineapple. Jackfruits belong to the mulberry family, are grown in Southeast Asian countries, and are exported worldwide. Jackfruit, which contains flavonoid pigments, is rich in vitamin C.

The seeds that come out when cut are consumed by boiling like potatoes. It is a very fleshy and oily fruit. Jackfruit, which is the most interesting among tropical fruits, also helps prevent health issues.

Is Jackfruit Poisonous To Cats?

Several credible animal poison databases, such as the ASPCA, and the University of California plant poisons list, do not classify jackfruit as dangerous. However, because it is a member of the fig family, it may cause fig poisoning in cats. This is due to proteolytic enzymes and psoralen, both found in this plant family. These enzymes are hazardous for your cat because they try to destroy the DNA of the cat.

This is not the food you want to serve your furry best friend. Your cat will not get any nutritional value from eating jackfruit or, for that matter, any fruit though they can safely enjoy some as a treat.

Is Jackfruit Bad For Cats To Eat?

The jackfruit seeds can create major difficulties in cats, so it is recommended not to offer them any fruits or nuts. Jackfruit contains a lot of sugar that cats cannot digest, which can cause pancreatitis. Increased hunger is a common indication of pancreas inflammation, which would not occur if your pet was healthy. 

Furthermore, jackfruit’s high calorie and phosphorus content might cause life-threatening problems in overweight or diabetic cats. While the jackfruit leaves are beneficial to most animals, you should avoid feeding them to your cat.

What Happens If A Cat Eats Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is neither poisonous nor toxic, so it is not a fruit to be worried about. You do not need to be concerned if your cat has eaten some. The hard skin and seeds of this fruit, rather than the soft section, are more prone to create problems. These can cause choking dangers and even become lodged in your cat’s teeth, causing injury.

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The sugar content of jackfruit is substantial. Due to the lack of sweet receptors on your cat’s tongue, it will be unable to sense the sweetness of the fruit. Sugar metabolism is also a problem for cats. Too much sugar can lead to health problems, including obesity and diabetes. You should avoid feeding highly sweetened meals to your cats, especially since they cannot taste sweetness.

Health Risk Factors For Cats

Here are some of the severe health risks jackfruit poses to cats:

  • The dietary fibers in jackfruit can cause diarrhea, vomiting, pancreatitis, and intestinal blockage.
  • Jackfruits are high in potassium which can cause cardiac symptoms like irregular pulse and heart failure in cats.
  • Allergic reactions in cats can occur when they eat jackfruit. Though, the rash is not usually severe.
  • It is challenging to spot allergy symptoms because they are similar to those of other food allergies.
  • Jackfruit contains enzymes that must be broken down before eating.
  • Bloating, gas, diarrhea, and stomach pain indicate these enzymes irritating the digestive tract.


What happens if a cat eats jackfruit seeds?

According to general veterinary advice, most fruit pits and seeds are poisonous to cats if eaten. Jackfruit seeds in their raw form are inedible. The seeds of the jackfruit are massive and can be a significant hazard. If you decide togive your cat a taste of jackfruit; make sure that it does not eat any seeds, even if they have been cooked.

What happens if a cat eats jackfruit skin?

Jackfruit’s shell, or outer skin, is tough and thick. This fruit’s outer hull looks terrifying with its solid, thick skin covered in hundreds of small, rounded spines. Your cat will be completely unaware that the hull and seeds are inedible. It might think you purchased a terrific new chew toy. If your cat manages to gnaw through the jackfruit skin and swallows parts of it, this could result in a significant obstruction that is potentially life-threatening.

What happens if a cat eats jackfruit raw?

Jackfruit is toxic to cats and should not be eaten by them. It is not only high in sugar, includes seeds that can cause choking, and contains potentially hazardous toxins, but it is also extra in your cat’s diet.

So, if your little pet gets its hands on some jackfruit, it is unlikely to be harmed by a modest amount of this strange fruit. However, keep a lookout for signs of poisoning, such as nausea, drowsiness, vomiting, and diarrhea.

If left ignored, these symptoms might lead to severe dehydration. You must contact your veterinarian right away and follow his advice. If you are concerned that your cat has eaten more than it appears, take her to the nearest animal emergency center.


Like most fruits, jackfruits are high in nutritional value with vitamins and minerals galore, potassium, iron, antioxidants, and more. However, cats do not require these components from fruits. Cats require a diet rich in animal proteins and a variety of other nutrients. 

So, in conclusion, jackfruit is not beneficial for cats. Avoid giving your cat any fruits or other plants; instead, stick to a portion of strict cat food and cat treats diet.

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