Can Cats Eat Kiwi? Is Kiwi Good/Ok For Cats?




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A vibrant-looking and delicious summer fruit, kiwi is packed with essential vitamins and minerals and possesses various health benefits. Perhaps you might have experienced an incident where you are savoring a delicious slice of kiwifruit, and your feline friend tries to sneak in a bite. It may seem tempting to feed it to your cat, but the question arises; can cats eat kiwi?

Can Cats Eat Kiwi

Can Cats Eat Kiwi? 

To answer your curiosity, yes, cats can eat kiwi. The fruit is non-toxic for them to consume. However, you should consider factors like the quantity and form and whether it is sliced, minced, or mixed with other cat food. This article answers various questions and gathers all the necessary information on giving kiwifruit to your cat, so keep on reading to know more. 

Do Cats Like Kiwi?

Cats are obligate carnivores that tend to prefer a meat-rich diet. However, they might appreciate the change of taste when fruits or vegetables are added as treats or snacks into their staple diet. It is generally said that the kiwifruit plant has an aroma that resembles catnip which attracts felines, causing them to rub up against it or dig it up.

When given in their feed, this attraction to the plant’s smell can make cats like kiwis. The aroma may also cause your cat to overconsume the fruit. Hence, to prevent adverse effects on health, do not overfeed kiwi to your cat or feed it in unsuitable forms. 

Is Kiwi Good/Ok For Cats?

As long as the peel is removed and the quantity is in moderation, kiwi is ok for cats. However, it is essential to remember that cats are obligate carnivores that get most of their energy from meat and not fruits or vegetables. Since protein-rich meat products cover their nutritional requirements, fruits like kiwi should be given only as occasional treats, not as a diet replacement. 

Kiwi in modest amounts provides various health benefits for cats. This fruit is a good source of fiber that enhances the digestive function of your cat. It is also loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamins A and C, potassium, and iron for aiding metabolism.

Moreover, kiwis contain enough water to help your cat stay hydrated during summers. Even though the benefits are many, kiwifruit should be introduced slowly and in small quantities to prevent the development of adverse health outcomes.

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Is Kiwi Bad For Cats?

When given in adequate amounts, kiwi is not bad for cats. But it is crucial to consider the content of sugar in kiwis. Although the fruit is low in calories, a large serving contains high amounts of sugar that can negatively affect your cat’s health. A 100 g serving of kiwi contains 9 grams of sugar. Therefore, you should give it in small quantities occasionally. 

Since kiwifruits possess a pleasant texture and cats cannot detect sweetness, they might overeat them. Overeating can result in your cat becoming obese and would cause them to suffer from tooth decay. Besides this, kiwi is rich in fiber, and when consumed without check and balance, it might cause diarrhea leading to dehydration.

Is Kiwi Toxic For Cats?

Kiwis are not toxic for cats. However, it is recommended not to frequently feed your cats unpeeled kiwis or peeled ones in large portions. Not giving an unpeeled kiwi is because its skin contains many tiny hairs, which may cause indigestion and choking hazards in cats. The kiwi skin can also cause a severe infection or irritation in their mouth, throat, and digestive tract.

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Are Cats Allowed Kiwi?

Cats are allowed to eat kiwis when added into their diet in small quantities infrequently. It contains several health benefits and can be a good source of hydration for cats in summers. You should not give the fruit in the unpeeled form. Instead, you should peel off the skin and cut the fruit into easily digestible pieces. 


How Much Kiwi Should I Give To My Cat?

Since cats are obligate carnivores, replacing their protein-rich meat diet with fruits like a kiwi is not good. Fruits should only consist of 2% of your cat’s diet. Hence, if you want to feed your cat kiwi, an inch-sized peeled slice or kiwi pieces in small amounts is enough for your cat per day. 

Can Cats Eat Yellow Kiwi?

Yes, cats can eat yellow kiwi, just like green kiwi. However, moderation is the key. Also, make sure that the fruit is peeled and cut into small pieces so that there is no choking hazard.

Can Cats Eat Kiwi Seeds?

Cats can eat kiwi seeds. Kiwi seeds are a great source of several essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, B9, K, E, and potassium. The seeds contain fiber and antioxidants that can aid in a cat’s metabolism. However, as it does not provide enough energy, feed it with the fruit in small quantities occasionally. 

Can Cats Eat Kiwi Skin?

Even though the kiwi skin is edible, it is not recommended for cats to eat kiwi skin. Instead, they should be given small amounts of unpeeled kiwi as occasional snacks. The kiwi peel can irritate a cat’s oral and digestive tract and may cause choking when fed. 


In a nutshell, kiwis are a non-toxic fruit for your little feline friend. They can consume them in moderation without facing any harmful consequences. However, if you decide to share a kiwi fruit with your pet, make sure it is peeled and served in small portions as treats. 

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