Can Cats Eat Dates? Are dates okay/safe for cats?




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Are you looking for an answer to “can cats eat dates“? If yes, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will discuss dates for cats. In short, yes if they are consumed at a moderate level.

Can Cats Eat Dates

Dates are considered nutritious for humans as they are rich in minerals, vitamins, healthy oils, and whatnot. Dates have been touted as a healthy food option that can positively impact our bodily functions. With so many positive attributes for humans, dates may seem like a good option to feed our cats.

Can Cats Eat Dates?

Dates are a fruit derived from a date palm tree native to the Middle East but can be grown in the USA, Asia, the Mediterranean, and Mexico. Year-round fresh and dry dates are available in different varieties. Dates are a rich source of antioxidant compounds such as carotenoids, polyphenols, and lignans which may help in the management of chronic diseases.

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Research studies have found that the consumption of dates may help reduce colon cancer due to its high polyphenol and fiber content. Moreover, Medjool dates are the best among all dates because of their stickier and sweeter taste and texture.

Are dates okay/safe for cats?

As a pet owner, you may be fully aware that cats cannot process plant material or nutrients as humans can. This is because their digestive system is specifically designed to process nutrients and protein derived from meat.

Dates are a plant product loaded with beneficial compounds that are good for a fully grown human being. For cats, dates are okay, but it would be wise to discuss your pet’s overall health with your vet before feeding it dates.

Are dates harmful to cats?

Right off the bat, dates are not harmful to felines. However, this comes with the caveat of carefully regulating the number of dates your cats consume. The reason for taking this measure is discussed above comprehensively. They may increase the risk of high sugar levels, high-calorie counts, and risk of choking in your cats.

Should I feed dates to my cat?

The simple answer is that experts do not recommend sharing dates with your feline friends. But it does not mean that dates are harmful to cats. However, it would be wise to restrain yourself from feeding your cat any more dates.

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The main problem is that dates have laxative properties that lead to diarrhea in cats. The sugar content is also very high in dates, which means dates are not good for your kitties.

Health effects of dates for cats

Unlike humans, dates are not very beneficial for cats. All the minerals, vitamins, and fiber content of dates are perfect for nourishing a full-grown human body; however, cats are not even half the size of humans. So this calorie-rich sweet treat may lead to some health issues in your cat, especially if a large quantity of dates is consumed.

Different veterinarians and cat experts may slightly vary in their ideas of the perfect diet for a cat, but the consensus seems to be that dates should not be a food or snack option for cats. However, they are not on the list of foods to avoid for your cats, such as onions, raisins, chocolate, and grapes.

Experts believe dates can speed up the digestive process and may lead to loose stools in cats. This can create chaos in your cat’s digestive system, and you may see it vomiting or making a mess around in the house.

Moreover, the high sugar content present in dates is also not very healthy for cats whose main diet only contains protein.

Can cats eat Medjool dates?

Although Medjool dates are a healthier and tastier option for humans, they may not be as good for cats. Medjool dates are famous for their gummy and sweet taste, which everyone likes. Cats can also eat Medjool dates, but they should not be the fundamental part of their main diet. The high sugar content and laxative properties may affect your cat’s gut health.


Can cats eat dried dates?

Yes, they can easily eat dried or fresh dates. However, dried dates may get stuck in the small teeth of your cat and lead to tooth decay. You can make a puree of 2-3 dates and feed your cat to solve this problem. If you are feeding dried dates to your cat, be aware of choking.

Why does my cat love dates?

You will be astonished to learn that cats have no receptors to taste the sweet flavor. They are strict carnivore animals who lack receptors for sweetness and only love the meaty flavor. But if your cat loves dates, it means that it finds it a little different than its regular diet. Another reason could be the beneficial compounds found in dates that make your kitty love dates.

Can kittens eat dates?

So we have talked a lot about grown-up cats, but what about kittens? Can kittens eat dates? As already discussed, dates are not toxic or harmful for cats, so you can feed dates to your kittens.

As dates are not a preferred treatment for fully grown cats, it would be best to avoid feeding dates to your kittens. As kittens are tiny and sensitive, their digestive system and other body organs are fragile.

Are dates poisonous to cats?

Unlike raisins which are toxic for dogs, eating dates is okay for cats and dogs. They are not poisonous. They are loaded with health benefits and beneficial compounds.


In a nutshell, your cat will always show interest in what its human friend is eating. Curiosity or interest does not mean they want to join you in eating your food. While dates are an excellent food option for humans, they are certainly not a preferred food choice for cats.

We do not mean that cats cannot eat dates or dates that are harmful to cats, but feeding your cat dates in excess may lead to some problems. So it would be best to offer your cat some other fruit options instead of dates.

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