Can Cats Eat Custard Apples? Is It Okay For Cats?




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We are aware that the consumption of fruits provides us with health benefits and therefore is a source of energy. However, some pets may develop health conditions due to the intake of fruits. It is highly recommended to consult the vet before giving anything different from the routine food to the pets.

Can Cats Eat Custard Apples

Custard apple is a green, cone-shaped fruit with a sweet taste. The fruit’s flesh has a creamy, subtle, and custard-like taste, consequently named as custard apple. If you are wondering, can cats eat custard apples? Read further!

Can Cats Eat Custard Apples?

Cats, in moderation, can consume custard apples to avoid any health risks associated with the fruit. It can be taken in as a safe fruit for cats if the quantity of the custard apple is maintained. To modify your pet cat’s nutrition, you should take utmost safety precautions as some fruits can be toxic to them and harm their digestive mechanism.

Health Concerns Of Custard Apples For Cats?

The most important things to look for when feeding custard apples to cats are the seeds of custard apples. The seed contains a slight amount of cyanide which is toxic and poisonous. Although cyanide harming can only take place if the cat consumes too many seeds.

If the cat swallows some seeds, it might affect the health and hurt the pet. Moreover, custard apples are rich in sugar, so you should monitor their consumption carefully. The sugar substance can have negative and ill effects on cats, such as diabetes.

Why is Custard Harmful To Cats?

Custard is heavy in fat and sugar, whether handmade, quick, or ready-to-eat. Too much fat and sugar increase the sugar concentration level, ultimately resulting in high-sugar causing diabetes. On the other hand, fats can increase blood pressure and cause type 2 diabetes.

The lactose present in milk can upset a cat’s stomach and cause diarrhea. It also results in obesity and weight gain, which is not good for cats. A modest lick will probably not cause any problems, especially for cats who tolerate lactose well.

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Benefits Of Custard Apples For Cats?

There are many health benefits of custard apples for cats. Some of the benefits are that they act as antioxidants. They are good for vision and prevent high blood pressure in the pet. Moreover, custard apples promote healthy digestion in cats. The sweet taste may also excite a cat’s taste bud when given rarely. It supports immunity and helps the cat’s body fight against other health conditions.

Is Custard Apple Okay For Cats?

Since custard apple has a sweet taste, it is observed that the fruit is extra rich in terms of carbohydrates. In other words, the carbohydrate content in the fruit is around 24g, which is 8%( daily value). Although carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy, their consumption should still be regulated as it may increase the sugar level in the blood. Custard apple is a safe fruit for cats only if taken in moderation.

Are Custard Apples Good For Cats?

Custard Apples are high in fiber content and low in protein, which can be a good choice for the well-being of a cat’s stomach and, resultantly, would be a healthy choice of food for cats. They are also rich in healthy and beneficial vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, and K, similar to calcium and phosphorus.

What To Do If Your Cat Likes To Eat Custard Apples?

Custard apples are suitable for your cat to consume if given in small amounts. If you have introduced custard apples into your cat’s diet and it seems like them, give small pieces in tiny portions. Make sure the turnips are adequately washed and do not feed them regularly. 

Will Cats Get Sick From Eating Custard?

Lactose intolerance is a condition in which cats cannot digest dairy food. The majority of people are unaware that custard and raw chicken are poisonous to cats. In contrast, others are unaware that milk, grapes, raisins, garlic, and onions are poisonous.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can cats easily digest custard apples?

People assume that custard apple only causes weight gain in cats, but the truth is that it is good for digestion and prevents bloating in the animal. It is a rich source of Vitamin B complex, specifically Vitamin B6.

Can cats taste custard apples?

Even though cats do not have the same amount of likeness towards fruits as human beings do, they can like the taste of some fruits. Cats can like custard apples as it offers a change of taste to their normal diet. The fruit is full of health-benefiting nutrients. However, for your cat to receive the most health benefits of custard apples, the pet owners should feed their pet with it in small quantities since overdose can cause adverse effects. 

Does a cat like custard apples?

It is strange, but cats cannot taste sugar. They do not have such receptors of taste on their tongues that may enable them to taste any sweetness. In other words, sweet fruits may be of little or no interest to the cat. If they don’t like the intake of fruits, there is no justified reason to force that issue.

Do cats like fruits or vegetables?

Since cats are carnivores, their bodies are designed to have meat, so not all cats like fruits and veggies. Additionally, cats do not have the sweetness receptors, making them uninterested in fruits, especially those with a creamy and sweet taste.


As a result, determining whether or not custard apple is good for cats is mostly dependent on the volume consumed and the flavorings used. If your cat eats little amounts of unflavored custard apples, she may not experience any negative consequences. So if adding custard apples into your cat’s diet, discuss with a veterinarian beforehand to avoid any health risks that might come with its consumption.

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