The British Shorthair is among the most popular of all the British cat breeds you can find today. If you are considering buying or adopting a cat of this breed and want more information about it, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have briefly covered all the important points about this adorable cat breed.

British Shorthair Cats and Kittens


Physical characteristicsSmall ears, Strong body
Size Medium
Average weight13-17 pounds
Life expectancy10-15 years
Preferable climatic conditionCold

British Shorthair


There are theories that suggest that the ancestors of the British Shorthair were brought to Britain from Egypt by Roman invaders in the 1st century.  These foreign breeds were then crossed with native cat breeds to form a cat breed that had a robust body and a very dense coat. It is believed that the body structure of this breed has changed very little since then.

According to the reports of the International cat Association, in the early 20th century, this breed was crossed with the Persian cat to create the present-day British shorthair breed. Currently, it is the most popular pedigreed cat breed in Britain.


The British shorthair is a large cat. There are various unique attributes pertaining to its looks that make this cat breed one of the most preferred breeds in the UK and the rest of the world. Some of the distinct physical features of the British Shorthair are:

  • Large and rounded head
  • Broad cheeks
  • Large round eyes
  • Large ears
  • Broad chest
  • Robust thick-set legs
  • Medium-length, blunt-tipped tail
  • Short muzzle

Coat color 

The most attractive feature of this cat breed is its coat. It comes with a dense coat and there is no undercoat beneath. The texture of the coat is plush and there is a frim crisp pile that can be seen moving as the cat moves.

You can find this cat in various colors and patterns. Some of the most common colors among these are black, blue, white, red, cream, silver, golden and fawn.


British shorthair kittens are not very active and playful. Yet, they are extremely sweet-natured and gentle. They are very devoted to their owners and like to follow them around. They are friendly towards other pets and children. However, they do not like to be picked. 


They do not require much grooming and they are well with being indoor cats. However, you have to take care of their diet as they can easily become obese because of their low activity level.


Cats of this breed can live up to 15 years of age when taken care of. They are prone to certain inherited diseases and you have to ensure that they get their vaccinations on time to avoid these diseases.

Interesting facts about the Shorthair cat

  • British shorthair cats were initially bred to be hunting cats.
  • A British shorthair cat once held the world record for the loudest purr. In 2011, a British Shorthair cat named “Smokey” clocked in at 67.7 dB. That is the same volume as a lawnmower.

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