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The average price of a Bengal cat ranges from anywhere between $1000 to $2500. 

So, is that it?


There are a lot of factors that go into the pricing of Bengal pet kittens. And, you can find these kittens at a much lower price and also at a much higher price. 

The prices can start from as low as $500 and go up to the $10,000 mark.

So, how do you find out if you are paying the right price before you decide to buy one of these cute kittens for yourself?

What are the factors that determine the prices of these cats?

Read on to find the answers to these questions and a lot more.

Price points of Bengal cats in the US

Because of the popularity and demand of Bengal cats in the US, a lot of breeders have started breeding them. While it may seem like a good thing, it actually isn’t. There are many scammers and backyard breeders who look for selling low-quality breeds at a cheaper price. You need to steer clear of such people. You can do this by being informed of what kind of a cat breed you can get at certain price points. 

Below $500

When the price of Bengal cats is lower than this amount, there is something fishy. If you ever come across any breeder who offers such pricing, stop thinking and just look for another breeder. 

$500 – $1,000

Considering the demand for Bengal cats, finding this cat at a price range of $500 to $1000 is not very likely. If you do find it, you might want to give it some thought and do your research before you opt for a purchase.

$1,000 – $1,500

This is the lowest price point of what you can consider as a purebred Bengal kitten.

$1,500 – $2,000

This is considered to be the average price point range for Bengal cats in the US.  


This price point for Bengal cats is considerably on the higher side. However, if you find the breed to be in demand and the breeder well-established, you can buy it without a second thought.

Above $2,500

This price point is suitable for breeds which are the most authentic among all Bengal cat bloodlines. If you find such a breed and you can afford it, go for it. It is worth that expense.

It’s good to know:

There are a lot of breeders who claim to sell authentic breeds of Bengal kitten. You have to make sure to do research on the breeder and find out reviews and suggestions from previous buyers if possible. Also, make sure to understand the various factors that account for the pricing of Bengal cats in the US.

price of a Bengal cat

Factors that influence the price of a Bengal cat

The pricing of Bengal cats depends on a lot of factors. As a matter of fact, there are three main factors that influence the price of a Bengal cat. They are as follows:

  1. Traits of the breed
  2. Locality of the breeder
  3. Breeder reputation

1. Traits of the breed

When you are deciding on a pet breed, there are several factors to consider. The qualities of the pet is one of the major factors that help you determine whether you should get that pet or not. Some cats have a high potential to be a breeding pet. Others simply have the looks. To break in down further, there are three levels of traits set for Bengal kittens. The pricing of the kittens is based on these traits.

  • Pet trait – These are kittens that have the traits of a house pet. They are prone to staying in and around the house and lazing with humans.
  • Show trait – These are Bengal cats which have the qualities suitable for “cat shows”. They are generally active compared to the cats that portray pet traits.
  • Pet trait and show trait – These are cats that have both the qualities of a pet cat and a show cat. They are most expensive out of all the three.

2. Locality of the breeder

One of the most crucial factors when determining the price of a Bengal cat breed is the locality of the breeder. The breeders which are located in the mainstream are the ones that are trusted and you can buy fro them at a higher price. However, ther are many backyard breeders who sell Bengal kittens. You should avoid them altogether. Besides that, there are other expenses in accordance with the locality which adds up to the cost of the kittens. 

These expenses mostly include:

  • Rent
  • Taxes
  • Pet care expenses

Make sure to evaluate all such expenses and figure out if you can buy the same pet from another place at a better price. 

3. Breeder reputation

When you are buying a Bengal cat from a reputed breeder, there is less of a chance that you will get a low-quality breed. Therefore, it is really important to get a Bengal kitten from a reputed breeder. There are rescuers who put up Bengal kittens for adaptation. However, it is not the best practice to get such a breed as you won’t be sure about the breeding history of the cat. Buying your cat from an official and well-known cat breeder is the best option out of all.

Here are some of the benefits of getting a Bengal cat from a reputed breeder:

  • You can meet the parents. This will give you an idea about the overall health of the lineage and you can then decide if it is the right option for you.
  • Official breeders give you a proper health record of the cat. Also, you get a health guarantee for the cat you intend to buy.
  • Official breeders give you all the assistance needed to bring up a new pet in the house. Also, you can get recommendations on the best veterinarians and the best quality pet food to feed your cat.

Bengal cats are beautiful animals. However, it may not be the right pet animal for everyone. If you are looking for more options, you might want to read this article listing the best exotic cats in the world.

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