Can cats eat sweet potatoes? Are sweet potatoes toxic to cats?




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Although sweet potatoes are now becoming part of many pet foods, it does not mean that they can be the daily constituent of a cat’s feed. You may have seen your cat twirling around your legs while preparing sweet potatoes for dinner. A question might pop up in your mind: Can cats eat sweet potatoes or not?

Can cats eat sweet potatoes

Can cats eat sweet potatoes?

Yes, cats can eat sweet potatoes. They love to eat sweet potatoes. If you want to feed sweet potatoes to your cat, make sure that it is cooked. Raw sweet potatoes are not safe for cats. You can boil the sweet potato, mash it and give it to your cat. Avoid adding seasonings such as garlic, onions, chilies, or other veggies to the mixture because it can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Sweet potatoes are suitable for your cat because they are packed with fibers and carbohydrates, but they cannot fulfill its nutritional needs. Excess carbohydrates in the diet can give rise to stomach issues. If cats are given sweet potato frequently, it can become bulky due to weight gain. Therefore, you can add sweet potatoes to your cat’s diet but only as a variety to their meals.

Can kitten eat sweet potato?

Although sweet potato is solely human food, it is not toxic for cats. It is rich in sugars and carbohydrates; it should not be a regular part of the cat’s diet. Kittens can eat sweet potatoes in small amounts because it offers nutritional benefits. However, if you feed your cat excess sweet potato, you may have to pay a visit to the vet due to an upset tummy.

Are sweet potatoes toxic to cats?

Excess of everything is bad, and it is true in the case of sweet potatoes. Cats are obligate carnivores. Their stomach is not made for digesting veggies and fruits. However, 2% of a cat’s diet must consist of fruits and vegetables because they are rich in dietary fibers. If you want to give your kitten sweet potato, make small portions because excess can lead to stomach issues.

Is sweet potato good for cats?

Most people love to eat sweet potatoes. Likewise, cats are their lovers too, and sweet potatoes given in small amounts are beneficial for cats. So, if you are wondering whether sweet potatoes are good, the answer would be yes. It is suitable for cats, but you must keep the intake under control. If you allow your cat to consume it daily, it can cause bloating in the stomach, leading to many issues.

Benefits of sweet potato for cats

Sweet potatoes are tasty, and cats love to eat them. Besides this, they have plenty of benefits too. Some of them are listed below:

Benefits of sweet potato for cats

1.      They are rich in antioxidants that keep the cats protected from damage due to free oxygen radicals in the body.

2.      They are a good energy source because they are full of carbohydrates, but keep in mind that excess carbohydrates are bad.

3.      They are filled with dietary fiber that keeps the cat’s stomach healthy.

Due to a couple of benefits, sweet potato is becoming part of commercial cat foods. If you want to feed them to your cat, then make sure that it is not allergic to veggies.  

Sweet potato for cat’s constipation

Cats rely on meaty food because they are carnivores. When the protein in meat is broken down, it produces lots of nitrogenous wastes that should be eliminated from the body. Constipation makes it difficult for cats to pass out this waste easily. Giving a few slices of boiled or mashed sweet potato can help relieve constipation.

Sweet potato for cat diarrhea

Unlike humans, cats are more affected by diarrhea, so cat owners should take extra care to prevent dehydration due to this lethal ailment. Sweet potatoes prevent diarrhea because they make the meals digestible as they have fiber inside them.  

Are sweet potato leaves poisonous?

No, the leaves of sweet potatoes are delicious and edible for both cats and humans. You can feed your cat raw sweet potato leaves in small amounts to get fiber in their diet. Moreover, the leaves of sweet potatoes have carbohydrates that can serve as a quick energy source for cats.

Are sweet potato vines poisonous to cats?

Vines of sweet potatoes are entirely edible and safe to eat. However, you should avoid giving raw vines to your cat because they are hard to digest. If you want to give sweet potatoes to your cat, then it is recommended to take the fleshy part, boil it, mash it and add it to the meaty diet of your cat.

Can cats eat sweet potato fries?

Though sweet potatoes are good for your cats, sweet potato fries are not a healthy food for them. Fries are rich in oil content. If you give them to your cat, it might not be able to digest them properly. Moreover, weight gain can occur due to excessive feeding of fried foods.

Can cats eat sweet potato skin?

Although sweet potato skin is not harmful, it is not a good idea to give it to your cat. You should only serve sweet potato flesh to your cat. Avoid seasonings like leeks, onions, and garlic because they can cause stomach issues in cats.


Can cats eat sweet potato leaves?

Yes, you can give sweet potato leaves to your cats. Unlike the leaves of other veggies, the leaves of sweet potatoes are tasty and edible. They are good for cats that suffer from problems like constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea frequently.

Can cats eat cooked sweet potatoes?

Yes, the best way to give sweet potatoes to cats is by cooking them and mashing them before serving. Raw sweet potatoes are not good for both humans and cats because they can cause stomach troubles and other gastrointestinal tract issues.

Can cats eat baked sweet potatoes?

Yes, baked sweet potatoes are good for your cat because they are cooked without unsaturated fat. It is good to serve fresh sweet potatoes straight out of the oven to your cat. You can also use them to substitute for sugary treats that you offer your cat while healing or teaching it to sit.

Can cats eat boiled sweet potatoes?

Yes, boiled sweet potatoes are loved by cats. Their soft texture and sweet taste make the cats go crazy for them. If you plan to give boiled potatoes to your cat, then avoid adding extra sugar, salt, or other seasonings such as oil and sauces. Extra seasoning may cause allergic reactions.


In conclusion, both humans and cats love to eat sweet potatoes, but only a small portion is suitable for cats.  They are not herbivores, so you should avoid feeding too many vegetables. Sweet potatoes are rich in fibers and carbohydrates. They are good for the stomach and an instant energy source for cats.

However, excess of these can lead to weight gain, and your cat may start looking chubby and bulky. So, keep the portion under control, and if you are planning to start feeding your cat sweet potatoes, then ask your vet before introducing them to the diet, 

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