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Onions are an essential part of many dishes and are loved worldwide in different cultures and cuisines. However, being a cat owner, you may wonder if can cats eat onions? Absolutely not! Onions are a very unhealthy food for your cats and can even be fatal. Onions are considered toxic for cats, and if they eat even a tiny portion of them, it is recommended that you seek help from a medical professional.

Onions can be harmful to your cat as they can break down red blood cells in cats, leading to hemolytic anemia. Onion poisoning can cause many problems to cats, such as dehydration and even an upset stomach.

Can Cats Eat Onions

Can Cats Eat Onions?

Therefore, you should try experimenting with your cat’s diet using vegetables that are not harmful to them, such as broccoli or lettuce. Even in the smallest dose, onions can be very harmful to your cat, and no cat owner wants to see their precious little kitty in pain.

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Symptoms of onion poisoning in cats

Cats do not experience symptoms of onion poisoning until a few days of ingestion, so you must be on the lookout for the symptoms if your cat may have consumed any form of onions to provide them with the help and care that is needed as soon as possible. The symptoms of onion poisoning are:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Weakness
  • Pale gums
  • Excessive drooling
  • Collapsing physically
Symptoms of onion poisoning in cats

Treatment for onion poisoning in cats

If your cat encounters an onion or eats even the smallest quantity, it is recommended that you instantly seek a medical professional’s aid. The treatment, although simple, is essential. The doctor will bathe your cat and thoroughly scrub its skin if it has come into contact with an onion to remove any toxins present on the skin.

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Many cats become dehydrated once they get onion poisoning. Therefore, the doctor provides the cat with all the fluids necessary through an IV.

However, a complete blood transfusion is required in more extreme cases where the cat has lost a lot of red blood cells. That is one of the main reasons why you should be careful of your cat not consuming onions so that this catastrophe can be avoided.

Can poisoning in cats be treated?

Poisoning in cats is always a dire and scary situation for cat owners. Yes, poisoning in cats is curable, but it must be treated instantly. Suppose your cat is showing any signs of poisoning. In that case, you must instantly rush the cat to a veterinary professional so that necessary medical attention is provided.

Is smelling onions bad for cats?

Like humans, the smell of onions is not that harmful, but the smell of onions can irritate the eyes and cause them to tear up.

Why my cats love onions?

It is pretty standard for cats to get attracted to certain vegetables randomly, no matter what type they are. Your cat may act hyper when it encounters an onion or might even jump on the kitchen counter if it sees you cutting up an onion. However, it is recommended you do not let your cat touch it or eat it because, as mentioned above, any contact or consumption of onions can be harmful to cats.

Can cats eat onion grass?

No, cats do not possess the ability to eat onion grass as it is hazardous to them. Not one but all parts of the onion is harmful to cats, whether it is the stem, flowers, or the bulb. As mentioned earlier, the consumption of onions can be fatal if not treated.

Onions can even lead to the death of a cat, as they can cause oxidative damage to a cat’s red blood cells, Thus, making it impossible for the cat’s blood cells to transport oxygen through the cat’s bloodstream.

Can cats eat onion gravy?

We often find our cats staring us down while we are at the dinner table chowing down on our food; in such situations, we often feed our cats table scraps and small portions of our food. However, what if the piece of chicken that we gave to our cat contains onion gravy on it? That can prove quite problematic for your cat as onions are toxic for cats. Therefore, no cats cannot eat onion gravy.

Can cats eat onion dip?

Most packaged onion dips contain tiny parts of real onion and mainly consist of onion flavoring rather than onions themselves. Although it won’t have any toxic effect on a cat until it contains real onions on them, the dip may cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Can cats eat onion bhaji?

Onion bhaji is a trendy food item from India and has a unique taste. However, your cat cannot enjoy that taste because they can not eat onion bhaji due to it containing pieces of onions. Even though the other ingredients may not be as harmful to your cat, the onions, however, will remain toxic and harmful to your cat even after they are fried.

Can cats eat spring onions?

No, cats cannot eat spring onions, no matter how much the amount or quantity. As mentioned above, it is very toxic to cats and can lead to various fatal issues. You should instantly contact your Vet if you notice your cat has eaten a spring onion, as it takes a while for cats to show symptoms of onion poisoning.

How do I know if my cat has onion poisoning?

Cats may not show symptoms instantly after getting onion poisoning as they take a few days to show symptoms. Still, if you notice your cat showing any of the symptoms mentioned above, you must contact a medical professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cats eat onion greens?

No, Cats cannot eat onion greens because any part of the onion, whether raw or cooked, is toxic for cats.

Can cats eat onion plants?

No, cats cannot eat onion plants as they contain all the toxins that a standard piece of onion may contain, proving harmful for your cat.

Can cats eat onion sprouts?

No, cats cannot eat onion sprouts as they are also considered toxic and harmful to your cats health.


Onions are highly toxic for cats, and if you encounter your cat eating an onion, no matter what type, you should contact a veterinary professional. Hopefully, such an issue won’t arise, but you must be careful of what your cats eat to prevent it. There are many other types of vegetables that you can try adding to your cat’s diet that are not considered toxic or harmful for them.

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