Can Cats Eat Kale? Is Kale Poisonous/Toxic To Cats?




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Kale, also known as leaf cabbage, is a nutritious vegetable packed with fiber, proteins, and essential nutrients and is low in calories. When added to the human diet, this superfood is known to provide several health benefits by possessing anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antioxidant properties. And Can Cats Eat Kale? However, giving kale to cats can positively and negatively affect their health. 

Can Cats Eat Kale

Cats and humans have different digestive systems, and their nutritional needs are also different. Hence, what might be healthy for humans may not be healthy or safe for cats to consume. 

Can Cats Eat Kale?

Even though cats are obligate carnivores, their meat-only diet cannot provide them with essential nutrients for proper body functions. Therefore, like you, your cat also needs a healthy diet with fresh produce often, and adding kale to their diet can be a beneficial option.

Can Cats Eat Kale Aspca?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), cats can eat kale as it is not harmful to them. Moreover, kale is not mentioned in their list of toxic foods for animals, making it a safe and suitable veggie for consumption.

Is Kale Bad For Cats?

Kale should be given in moderation and not in bulk amounts. Kale is plentiful in minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and nutrients. It is also low in fats and calories and thus helps reduce obesity in cats by maintaining a healthy weight.

Is Kale Poisonous/Toxic To Cats?

Feeding kale in excess to cats can turn out to be toxic. Large quantities of kale contain high antioxidants that can cause Heinz body anemia in cats. This anemia involves platelet depletion, fever, weakness, and lack of appetite. Moreover, the anemia can cause the skin and gums to become pale and discolored in later stages, and your cat’s urine might appear ruddy brown. 

The primary signs indicating your cat has been overfed with kale are diarrhea and stomach upset. Additionally, it may contain pesticides and other chemical contaminants, which could be harmful to cats.

Is Kale Poisonous/Toxic To Cats

However, if fed in the right amount and frequency, kale can be non-toxic and serve various health benefits for your cat’s metabolism. 

Do Cats Like Kale?

Cats are typically attracted to green veggies and seem to like kale because of its taste. As cats are obligate carnivores, adding some kale to their staple diet can be a change of flavor for them. Furthermore, it can serve as a low-calorie treat for them compared to usual treats that are high in sugars and fats. 

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Can Cats Eat Cooked Kale?

Kale is safe for cats in both raw and cooked forms. However, before feeding kale to your cat, properly wash it, discard the rinds, then steam and puree them and serve in a moderate quantity to avoid adverse effects on health. Also, make sure to not overcook or over steam the kale as it can reduce its nutritional benefits. Furthermore, pureeing kale makes it easy for your cat to assimilate the essential nutrients. 

Can Cats Eat Raw Kale?

Though cooked and steamed kale is much better than feeding raw ones, cats can still eat raw kale. However, if you opt for feeding raw kale to your cat, feed it in small quantities as it can be hard to digest. Also, ensure the kale leaves are fresh and green to provide full health benefits to your furkid. 

Can Cats Eat Kale Chips?

Although cats can eat kale chips, it is recommended not to feed them as kale chips might contain sodium-rich seasoning that can affect your cat’s health. Therefore, it is better to feed your cat steamed kale than kale chips for easy swallowing and digestion.

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Can Cats Eat Kale Flowers?

Humans and cats can both eat kale flowers. There is no risk in feeding your cat kale flowers unless given in more than enough quantities. Moreover, the flowers taste good and can be a flavorful addition to your cat’s diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kale Safe For Cats?

Kale is safe for cats when fed in moderate amounts. The dietary fiber in kale decreases the risk of diabetes, prevents tumor formation, and promotes heart health. Furthermore, its antioxidant properties may help in reducing ailments and stress and slow aging in your cat.

Why Does My Cat Love Kale?

One of the possible reasons your cat loves kale might be its flavourful taste. Or perhaps your pet may seem to have gotten bored with the typical taste of its everyday meals containing meat. Thus adding some kale to your cat’s regular diet can serve a change in taste while providing health benefits.What To

Do If Your Cat Eats Kale?

Feeding your cat kale is safe and is not toxic for their health if only given in minimal quantities at frequent intervals. Hence, it is better to add only a tiny portion of kale into your cat’s feed two to three times a week to avoid health issues. Also, always wash the kale properly before giving it to your pet and add it along with their meat diet to ensure complete nutrition.

Can Cats Digest Kale?

Like humans, cats also require many nutrients which they cannot obtain from a meat-only diet. Even though cats do not have an extensive digestive system and contain a different balance of enzymes for digestion, they can still digest kale. However, it would be best only to give it in moderate quantities to prevent adverse effects. 

Final Thoughts

Although cats are obligate carnivores, they require an intake of green vegetables to obtain essential nutrients for healthy body functioning. If fed in an appropriate quantity, kale can impart health benefits to your cat. However, this leafy vegetable should not be considered a replacement to their staple diet. Even though kale is packed with nutrition, talk to your vet before introducing it to your cat’s diet to rule out possible side effects or allergies. 

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