Can Cats Eat Currants? Are Currants Safe To Cats?




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Currants are like small berries that grow in shrubs and are like gooseberries. They are Corinth grapes that are dried and are more like small resins. They vary in color, such as red, pink, white, and even black. You can use them in many ways.

Can cats eat currants? Are they harmful to cats? Can currants be used as a food for cats? If you want an answer to this, keep on reading. They are mostly eaten fresh as their sweet flavor with a slight kick of acidic berry flavor gives out a fantastic taste. 

Can Cats Eat Currants

Can Cats Eat Currants?

They are simply used like regular blueberries and are primarily used in tarts, pies, and other desserts. They are also used in the manufacture of current jams, which many people use in their breakfasts. They usually have a sweet and sour flavor and can be frozen for later use.

Are Black Currants Poisonous To Cats?

Grapes and raisins are usually not given to cats and other pets as they are toxic. The same is valid with black currants, and it is better not to give them to cats. The study has shown that the consumption of tiny currants by cats has caused severe injuries. So it is better to keep your cats away from black currants.

There is no harm if cats consume a handful of berries such as blueberries and raspberries as they contain vitamins A, C, and K, which are suitable for cats’ health. But black currants are harmful as people who have cats have seen that after consumption of black currants, cats started showing signs of toxicity.

Symptoms of Currant Poisoning In Cats

Though it is not yet clearly defined how currants cause poisoning to cats and in which ways they are toxic to them. But it has been observed that whenever cats or even dogs have consumed currants, they start vomiting. It has also been known that the cat starts suffering from diarrhea and anorexia. It has also been observed that cats start taking too much water, increasing their thirst.

They start feeling weak and become lazy and down. It is necessary to treat it on time as, in severe cases, it causes renal damage, which happens after several days if it is not treated on time. If not treated on time, renal failure becomes lethal for the cat.

Treatment For Currant Poisoning

If you suspect or are sure that your cat has eaten currant, immediately consult a veterinarian without wasting time because wasting time could be fatal. The treatment is induced, and after vomiting, activated charcoal is given because it creates a barrier against the absorption of toxins.

In severe cases, veterinarians also use a therapy known as aggressive IV fluid therapy, in which the cat system is washed out to remove all the toxins. Then it is followed by the medication to make sure the kidney functions appropriately.

Are Currants Safe To Cats?

Currants are not safe for cats. Even eating a small number of currants can cause fatal injuries to cats. In extreme cases, it can also cause kidney failure. It starts with vomiting. Repetitive vomiting causes dehydration. The cats with ongoing kidney problems can also die.

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It is genuinely poisonous for cats from which the innocent pet should be kept away. Currants cause cats dehydration and vomiting, making them lazy and less active. Moreover, currants make them boring as cats are very playful and active.

What Happens If My Cat Eats Currants?

You should immediately take the cat to the veterinarian. Cats with persistent kidney disease are at high risk and even on the verge of death. Follow the proper instructions given by the doctor and give medicines on time. Take your cat for a routine checkup to properly monitor the injuries, whether they are healing or not. After the proper treatment and the cat is cured, try not to repeat the same mistake.

Safety Measures To Be Taken to Keep your Cat Safe From Currants:

  1. Firstly do not feed currants to your cats intentionally even though they enjoy them.
  2. Before giving some manufactured food, read the ingredients list to ensure it does not carry currants.
  3. If there are kids at your place, keep an eye on if they are eating currants or any product containing currants because if by mistake it falls there, do not let your cat eat it.
  4. Currants are usually found in cookies and cereals. Sometimes these kinds of products are wasted, so lock the garbage cans properly, so your cat does not barge into them.
  5. Be sure not to leave any products lying somewhere that contain currants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are currants bad for cats?

Ys, currants are not good for cats because it damages their renal system and makes them severely ill. Not only this, but sometimes the innocent pet is already going through kidney problems, and they cannot make it and die. So a big no to currants.

Can cats eat red currants?

Currants come in many colors, such as pink, red, black, and even white. No matter the color, all of them are proven to be disastrous for the poor cats as it makes them ill, and the poor animal has to go through severe treatments. Sometimes even flushing the whole body.

If a cat eats currants and becomes ill, does this affect the owner?

Yes, the owners are affected too because a cat is a source of joy and a stress reliever as it plays actively with the owners and makes them enjoy themselves. So if they become dull due to illness, it makes the owner suffer too.

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It could be very stressful for the owner and very painful for the cat if it eats currants, as this toxic food makes the cat severely ill. So it’s better to take care of your pet; otherwise, in the end, you have to rush to the doctor, and then your pet has to go through a painful treatment which would be painful to you as well. So instead of losing and regretting later, the safety measures told above should be taken properly.

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