Can Cats Eat Cucumber? Do Cats Like Cucumbers?




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Cucumber is a juicy and nutritious vegetable, commonly part of sandwiches and salads we love to eat every day. However, you may wonder whether it can be a part of your cat’s diet too. In this article, we shall be answering some questions in detail, like can cats eat cucumber and whether they like it or not.

Can Cats Eat Cucumber

Can Cats Eat Cucumber?

Although, as seen over the internet, cats seem to be afraid of cucumbers, in reality, they are relatively safe for them to consume. Even though full of nutrients, cucumber is not a replacement for proteinaceous cat food as felines are not primarily herbivores.

Is Cucumber Good for Cats?

On inspecting cat food labels, you might find traces of fruits and veggies listed as the ingredients. Cucumber as an addition can be a good part of your cat’s diet as it can help keep your cat hydrated. However, make sure to feed it only in moderate amounts.

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Here are a few reasons why cucumber can be good for your cat:

  • As cucumbers contain 95% water, they are best for keeping your cat hydrated in summers.
  • They consist of essential nutrients like vitamin C, K and beta carotene, fiber, potassium, and molybdenum, all of which is good for a cat’s metabolism. 
  • They can be an alternative to high-calorie cat treats and snacks.

Do Cats Like Cucumbers?

Cats usually do not like vegetables and fruits since their taste buds cannot detect sweet flavor. Similar is the case with cucumbers. Furthermore, many studies have shown that cats are not fond of cucumbers, and placing one near them might trigger a stressful reaction.

However, if your cat sniffs a cucumber and gets attracted to it, offering sliced or diced form can develop their liking towards this vegetable.

If your cat happens to like green vegetables such as cucumber, nibbling on them can aid in digestion and help your fur baby to pass stools easily since they are a good source of water and fiber.

Do Cats Hate Cucumbers?

Cats are obligate carnivores and, therefore, not fond of herbivorous diets like cucumbers. What might add to the hate is that an unpeeled solid cucumber might resemble a snake and trigger confusion and fear in your cat.

However, the soft appearance of peeled cucumbers can manage to attract cats. In short, cats hate unpeeled cucumbers but would prefer peeled ones. Whether cats hate cucumbers or like them depends on their dietary preference.

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Can Cats Eat Cucumber Skin?

Before feeding cucumber to your cat, make sure to peel and dice it. The skin of cucumber skin is generally not harmful to cats, but it depends on where the cucumber was grown. Since chemical-based pesticides are widely used to protect growing vegetables, they penetrate the skin and get absorbed.

Feeding cats with pesticide-tainted cucumber skin can lead to serious health issues. Therefore, it is better to peel off the skin before feeding cucumbers to your cat. However, your cat can eat the skin if you grow cucumbers in your garden without chemical pesticides.  

Can Cats Eat Cucumber Leaves?

Cucumber leaves are known to be poisonous and hence should not be fed to cats. If consumed, it can cause serious health concerns like blisters, itching, gingivitis, sneezing, and eye irritation. Furthermore, if your cat has a weak immune system, then feeding cucumber leaves can turn out to be lethal too.

Can Cats Eat Cucumber Seeds?

Cucumber seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals; thus, they can be an excellent addition to your cat’s diet. The seeds also contain molybdenum which aids in metabolism and makes dietary protein digestion easier in cats.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with giving your cat a slice of cucumber with seeds to eat. However, make sure to peel off the cucumber and dice it into small pieces before feeding it to your cat.

Can Cats Eat English Cucumbers?

Yes, cats can eat English cucumbers. Although English cucumbers may not seem as appetizing to your cat compared to their meaty canned food, they are suitable for their health. With an only meat diet, cats can experience dehydration in summer if not consumed enough water.

Lack of water in the body also makes it difficult for cats to pass feces. Therefore, English cucumbers can be a good source of water for cats.

Can Cats Have Cucumber Water?

Can Cats Have Cucumber Water

Although cucumber water is more beneficial as a detox for humans, it is also suitable for cats. It is an excellent source of hydration for cats on a hot summer day. Additionally, it contains many essential minerals that aid in keeping your cat healthy.

Though cucumber as a whole is an excellent source of fiber, if your cat is not interested in eating it, you can use cucumber water as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Cats Eat Cucumber?

Cucumbers are a popular part of the human diet, and many people find it surprising that cats should eat cucumbers. You may have seen cats nibbling green grass. They do it when they feel the meaty diet is becoming hard to digest. Cucumbers are full of water and fiber, so similarly, providing a few pieces of it to your cat can aid with digestion.

Is Cucumber Harmful For Cats?

Cucumber is not harmful to cats when fed in moderate amounts. Peel, dice, and divide cucumber into small portions before giving it to your cat. Since they are not herbivores, consuming large portions can lead to digestive disorders like diarrhea, vomiting, and indigestion. Conversely, small-sized portions have good health benefits for cats.

Can Bengal Cats Eat Cucumber?

Even though Bengal cats are choosy in selecting what they like to eat, they can eat cucumber. It contains high amounts of water, essential vitamins, and minerals. People often opt for high-calorie treats when training their Bengal cats.

However, cucumbers can be a great low-calorie and high fiber replacement for those meaty and sweet treats. Cucumbers are also low in sugar and contain almost zero fat content, preventing Bengal cats from becoming fatty.

Why Does My Cat Love Cucumbers?

The digestive system of cats is different from humans, but sometimes cats love to eat foods included in the human diet. Cats eat cucumbers because of their juicy consistency and fleshy texture. Furthermore, your cat might start to love eating cucumbers if it is bored of the same meaty canned food that it eats every day.


Though feeding cats cucumbers sounds like a healthy idea, you should not give them without doing proper research to see if cats can eat cucumbers or not. You should know about the correct portion size and parts of cucumber that you can and cannot feed to your cat.

Summing up, cucumbers could be a great addition to your cat’s diet but only in moderate amounts. Though cucumbers are nutritious with health benefits, you should contact a vet if your cat is sensitive or allergic to certain foods before feeding. 

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