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Cats are lovely pets. They love to stay around you, do what you do, and eat what you eat. They love to be in your arms when you watch a movie and try to share your popcorn.

Watching movies with feline members is okay, but what about giving popcorn to them? Can cats eat corn? Is it safe to include corn in their diet? These are some questions that you might already have in your mind. 

Can Cats Eat Corn

Can Cats Eat Corn?

You will be glad to know that corn is safe for cats and is one of the main ingredients of cat food. However, you also need to know that it bears no significant nutritional value for cats but is only added to their food as filler.

Corn contains plant-based protein, which does no good to the stomach. Thus, you have to be extra careful when giving it to your feline friend.

Although it is safe for cats, it can also adversely affect their health if fed excessively. Similarly, there are several ways to consume corn. But not all of them are appropriate for a feline’s diet. So, let’s dig a little deeper and discuss the impact of different forms of corn on a cat’s health one by one.

Best Form of Corn for Cats

Corn, in any form, should not be considered a substitute for meat if you want your cats to absorb nutrients from corn as much as possible, grill or boil it well before feeding them. Grilled and boiled corn does not threaten feline health, provided it is offered once in a while.

Can Cats Eat Corn Husks?

The corn husk is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals. Cats, being obligate carnivores, do not require these nutrients, meaning husk can not benefit a cat’s digestive system in any way. It can disturb their digestive pattern and also cause vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, keep corn husk away from cats to ensure their good health.

Can Cats Eat Corn Pops?

There is no harm in feeding your kitty a very few pieces of plain popcorn. Salt, butter, and seasoning spices are not healthy for cats, so try to avoid them when preparing popcorn for feline friends. 

Can Cats Eat Corn Chips?

It is not safe for cats to have corn chips as they have lots of salt, oil, and spices. Moreover, these usually come in cheese flavor, highly poisonous for pets. That’s why corn snacks are a no-go zone for a feline diet.

Can Cats Eat Cornbread?

Cornbread has a high amount of carbohydrates that cats cannot digest. These carbs can even upset their stomach. Apart from that, gluten can also be dangerous for your cat, especially if it is gluten intolerant. Thus, giving cornbread to your cat is like risking its health.

Can Cats Eat Corn Tortillas?

Like cornbread, corn tortillas also contain gluten and carbs. So, make sure your cat does not eat corn tortillas, not even as an occasional snack.

Can Cats Eat Corn Starch?

Corn starch is as harmful to cats as cornbread because of the same reason – high carb content. The digestive enzymes in cats cannot digest carbs contained in corn starch.

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Can Cats Eat Canned Corn?

Canned corn itself is not harmful to cats, but the preservatives added to it can be a disaster. Instead of canned corn, consider giving frozen corn to your cat. It is not nutritious but not hazardous either. Let the frozen corn come to room temperature before serving it to cats.

Can Cats Eat Corn Muffins?

Cats do not enjoy the sweetness of food like we do as they do not have taste buds for that. Moreover, sugary foods are not suitable for them. If your pet shows interest in having corn muffin, you can give a tiny piece of it.

Keep noticing your kitty’s condition and behavior for the next few days. If you find any skin allergy or digestive disorder symptoms, exclude them from the cat’s food menu.

Can Cats Eat Corn Flakes?

Since cats should not be ingesting high-carb foods, we recommend not to give them corn flakes. It does not mean that corn flakes are toxic to cats. If your furry friend manages to grab some of it, there is nothing to worry about as long as they usually behave.

Why is Corn Bad for Cats?

Cats need proteins and fats that only meat can provide. The nutrients in corn make little to no difference to their health and growth requirements. Nonetheless, cats can consume corn safely. The issues arise when you make it a part of their regular meal or ingest it in large quantities.

Consequently, the cat’s stomach, which is already not supposed to process anything other than meat, incurs some disorders. Eating corn also becomes dangerous for cats when it is flavored with salt, spices, butter, cheese, sugar, or artificial seasoning. So, the corn given to cats should be free from these additives.

Furthermore, if your little friend sneezes a lot, eliminates an unusual poop, gains or loses weight, or vomits, rush to the vet. These conditions can be a reaction to corn. 

Can Kittens Have Corn?

Kittens have an immature digestive system and should only be given a nutritious diet favorable for their growing needs. As corn holds no value in a feline’s diet, there is no point in giving it to a kitten.

You cannot expect a kitten’s stomach to digest corn nutrients without any risk. On the whole, it would be better to keep corn out of a kitten’s diet for safety reasons.


Why do cats like corn?

Cats are instinctively curious about food and fond of chewing on random things. That’s why they try to snack on the corn when you have it. They may also like the taste of popcorn and sweet corn.

Is it safe for cats to eat kettle corn?

You can allow your cat to accompany you in the treat of kettle corn if you ensure to feed it in a tiny portion. The kettle corn offered to the cat should not have salt or artificial flavor.

Can cats eat corn kernels?

Corn kernels are safe for cats if they have a small quantity of them as a treat. Feeding habitually on corn can have deadly consequences on a feline digestive system.

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Can cats eat corn on the cob?

Cats love to chew on corn on the cob, while they should not. Corn on the cob is not a safe way to feed them corn.


Whether corn is safe for cats or not depends on how much and how frequently they consume it. If they eat it rarely in small amounts, it will not harm them. Even if eaten in the most appropriate form, corn has no substantial benefits for cats.

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