Can Cats Eat Plantain? Are Plaintain Good/Bad for Cats




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Plantain can easily be mistaken for bananas because they belong to the family of bananas. Plantains are consumed daily in many parts of the world. Likewise, many cats are often fond of eating plants and other products in the garden. Most cats develop health issues because many plants are not suitable for cats; however, to know the answer to Can Cats Eat Plantain? In short, plantains are not toxic to cats.

Can Cats Eat Plantain

Cats are not fond of eating plantains, but there is nothing to worry about if your cat consumes them as plantains are not poisonous to them. However, if they consume them in large quantities, that may create an issue for your cat. They can occasionally have plantains as a treat, but adding them to their diet is unnecessary. To learn more about cats and plantains, keep on reading.

Can Cats Eat Plantain?

Yes, Cats can eat Plantains since they are nontoxic to the cats. But keep in mind, it should be consumed in a small amount.

Are Plantains Good For Cats? 

As cats are carnivores, they might not be interested in eating plantains. However, if they nibble it a bit or eat it, you should not stress over it, as plantains are non-toxic to cats. Just like bananas are non-toxic to cats, plantains are not harmful to cats as they belong to the same family. You do not have to worry about your cat nibbling on the plantains in your garden out of curiosity.

If you feel that your furry friend likes plantains, you should be glad as they usually do not eat them, and you can give them a small amount of it as a treat. A thin slice of plantains a day is good for cats. Giving them a whole piece or even half of the plantains should be avoided as it is too much for an average cat.

Are Plantains Bad For Cats?

In the worst cases, sometimes plantains cause stomach problems and affect a cat’s digestive system if it is weak. Cats are not fond of eating plants and herbs usually. However, if they are given plantains as a treat occasionally, that is not alarming. If they consume a large amount of it, problems may arise, such as getting a stomach ache. Moreover, cats can also develop watery stools if they are unfamiliar with eating such foods.

Plantain lily is different from regular plantains. If consumed in significant amounts, these plantain lilies cause poisoning, so you should not confuse or mix plantains with plantain lilies. They are also not toxic, but they get poisonous when consumed in an enormous amount. Luckily, your cat can recover quickly after consulting a veterinarian.

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Can Cats Eat Fried Plantains?

As plantains are non-toxic to cats, it is not threatening if they consume a bit of it. Fried plantains would not be a good treat for your cats, and you should know that not all cats are fond of them. So, it would help if you had a better understanding of whether your cat can consume it or not.

Whether it is fried plantain or boiled plantain, some cats may face digestive issues after consumption. Primarily, fried plantains are in the form of plantain chips, so you should avoid them altogether. 

Do Cats Dislike Plantains?

Plantain is not a food that many cats are fond of; they will turn down your offer if you present it. However, it is not unlikely for cats to like plantains. Moreover, adding small amounts of this fruit to your cat’s daily diet will not make much difference. However, plantain has sugar in it, which can lead to obesity and put the cats at risk of diabetes if overfed.

Can Cats Eat Plantain Chips?

Plantain chips are made up of unripe plantains and are famous globally. They are considered a healthy snack for humans, but unfortunately, these chips are not healthy for your feline. Though cats can eat plantains as a snack, there are several reasons why you should not give cats fried plantain chips. 

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The most crucial reason that plantain chips are not healthy for cats is that they are fried, and plantain chips are very high in potassium. Cats cannot digest potassium, and this causes digestive problems and stomach aches. Moreover, plantain chips are salted, which can also be harmful to cats. Salty foods contain sodium, leading to sodium poisoning in cats, so your cat should not be fed these snacks.

Furthermore, plantain chips have a high level of fats, leading to obesity, and your pet cat no longer remains active, and you too get fed up and bored with it as it no longer plays with you. Additionally, plantain chips may contain pesticides and preservatives toxic to cats. If your pet cat has eaten plantain chips, you should immediately seek help from a veterinarian.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are plantains toxic to cats?

Plantains can get toxic to cats if they eat them in excessive quantities. Plantains have a toxic component, saponin, which affects cats’ health, and they suffer from diarrhea and nausea. If the cat has consumed plantain chips, immediately seek help from a veterinarian as plantain chips are also not good for cats.

Can cats eat sweet plantains?

Yes, cats can eat sweet plantains, but in a limited quantity. Plantains are usually sweet naturally. Whether it is sweet or not, cats can have a little slice because most are not interested in eating them as they are carnivores. 

Can cats eat plantain leaves?

There is no proper research on whether plantain leaves are good for cats or if cats can eat them. However, it is known that they are suitable for humans because these leaves are good in vitamins, and small leaves can be eaten raw or boiled and used in stews. However, it would be best to avoid feeding it to your pet cat. 


Though plantains are not toxic to cats if consumed in little quantities, it should be better to avoid giving them, as plants and herbs are not a regular part of a cat’s diet. Moreover, most nutritional needs are covered by commercially-made cat food and other products, so it’s better not to take any risks with your cat’s diet. However, plantains are okay as an occasional snack for your cat if it really likes them.

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