As cats are carnivores, giving them meat without a second thought seems normal. However, this might not be the case every time. Although there is indeed a definite answer to this question, there are several other things that a cat owner must know about cats eating meat.

To answer this question directly, cats can eat raw and cooked meat, which is not harmful to them. However, the meat you give your cats must be clean and not spoiled.

Can Cats Eat Any Type Of Meat?

Can Ferrets Eat Tuna and Other Fish?
Can Ferrets Eat Tuna and Other Fish?

Cats can eat almost all types of commonly available meat, such as poultry, lamb, beef, pork, and fish. However, all of them should be fresh and clean if given raw. Otherwise, it would help if you cooked them to perfection to avoid sickness from bacteria and pathogens in raw meats. 

Poultry Meat

Poultry meat is healthy and safe for cats. It is a great way to incorporate high amounts of protein into your cats’ diets. Cats enjoy lean high-protein meat like chicken and turkey breasts a lot. 

Moreover, cats can safely eat duck meat, but you should not give it regularly as it is fatty. It is also recommended to give cats meat from the bones, thighs, and breasts rather than organs and to cook it thoroughly to kill bacteria and pathogens. 

Cow, Lamb, And Veal Meat

Ground beef is also safe and healthy for cats. It is an excellent option because it is inexpensive and easy to cook. Cats have a sensitive stomach, so it is also easily digested. 

Beef organ meat is also okay but should not be given regularly or in large quantities. Lamb and veal meat are good food options, but as they are way more expensive and fatty, most cat owners usually avoid them. Cow, lamb, and veal meat should be cooked till the internal temperature reaches 160F.

Pig Meat

Not all pig meat is safe for cats. Pork meat is good, but cuts like bacon and ham are not. They are high in fat, sodium, and sulfite, harming cats. If you want to offer pork meat to your cat, it is advised to cook it till 140F to avoid getting sick. 


All fish are suitable for cats but in limited quantities. Cats enjoy inexpensive options like canned tuna because of its taste. However, they are very high in sodium, so they should not be given too much. 

Giving cats seafood with less mercury, like cods and halibuts, is best. Some cats can also be allergic to seafood, so keep an eye out for any allergic reactions after being given seafood for the first time. 

Can Cats Eat Raw Meat?

Cats’ stomachs can easily digest raw meat, making it safe and healthy. Cats digest meat pretty quickly, unlike humans. Hence bacteria like salmonella do not make them sick. However, to be safe, always ensure that the raw meat is clean properly to avoid sickness caused by pathogens and bacteria. The recommended raw meats for cats are lamb, duck, venison, chicken, and salmon.

Can Cats Eat Cooked Meat?

Cooked meats like chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, veal, and pork are healthy and safe for cats. However, it is essential to cook the meat until the internal temperature is between 140F and 165F. The best way to cook the meat for your cats is to boil it in water until it becomes soft and tender, like canned cat food. 

Can Cats Eat Meat Fat?

Fat is unhealthy and can lead to weight gain and heart problems in cats if eaten regularly. It can also cause stomach aches and digestion problems in cats. Hence it is advised not to give them cooked or raw meat fat.

Can Cats Eat Meat Bones?

You can give cats small, raw bones to eat. Raw bones are like chew toys for them, but make sure they have no sharp edges that can damage their gums. However, do not feed cats cooked bones as they are hard and can break into smaller pieces, leading to choking and constipation. 

What Age Can Cats Eat Meat?

You should not give raw meat to cats until they are at least 4 months old. This is because raw meat contains pathogens and bacteria, which may get kittens sick. As soon as the cats reach the minimum age, cat owners should start giving them small pieces of raw or cooked meat to prepare their immune system.

How Should I Cook Meat For My Cat?

Cats are picky eaters. They will not eat anything if it does not taste good. If you want your cats to enjoy their meals, cook the meat for them, following the instructions below:

  1. Add water and meat to the pot, put on a lid, and let it boil for about 40 minutes. 
  2. Allow it to cook until it is completely tender and all the water has evaporated. This will result in tasty canned-like food that all cats love!
  3. Avoid using harmful ingredients like onion or garlic.

Can Cats Eat Meat Every Day?

Cats can eat lean meat daily, like chicken and turkey breasts. However, regularly giving fatty meat to cats is not recommended as this can lead to weight gain and digestive problems. Moreover, seafood should also not be given to cats every day.

Can Cats Eat Meat Pie?

The meat pie is one of the best ways to incorporate protein into your cat’s diet. Cats also enjoy eating meat pies made with ground chicken or beef mixed with potatoes and eggs. Make sure to give them small servings, so it does not lead to stomach problems or weight gain.

Related Questions

Can Domestic Cats Eat Meat?

Yes, raw and cooked meat is safe for domestic cats to eat. However, it would be best if you gave everything in limited quantities to avoid weight gain, vomiting, fevers, or stomach aches. Always ensure that the meat you give your cats is clean and good to eat. 

Can Cats Eat Meat Cooked With Onions?

No, do not give meat to your cats cooked with onions. Onions are toxic for cats and can cause anemia in them by damaging red blood cells. 

Can Cats Eat Meat Cooked With Garlic?

No, garlic is another vegetable that is toxic and harmful to cats. Garlic contains disulfides and thiosulphates, which can cause anemia like onions by breaking down the red blood cells.

Can Cats Eat Meat That Has Gone Off?

Most people think that animals can eat spoiled or rotten meat, but this is not valid for all types of animals, especially domestic pets. Their immune systems have not been developed enough to eat spoiled or rotten meat as their diets have always been clean. Hence, avoid giving your cats spoiled meat if you do not want them to get sick.

Wrapping Up

Giving your cats healthy and safe meat is essential. In conclusion, here are a few things to keep in mind when feeding meat to your cat:

  • If you are giving your cat raw meat, it should be fresh and clean.
  • The internal temperature of the cooked meat should be within the range of 140F to 165F to kill all bacteria and pathogens.
  • Do not give them fatty meat too much or regularly as it can lead to weight gain.
  • If you notice any reactions after giving them meat, visit a vet immediately.

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