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Jason Gray
Hello Beautiful People –

Jason Gray here. Coming to you from Queensland, Australia.

– Covid (you know we had to), Winx, Squish, and Squeeze. Nurturing and bringing up the cats is a rewarding experience – to say the least. But one day, when Squish had this weird sneeze, I turned to the internet. And boy was I disappointed. I had to wait for my wife –

Louise Cosgrove

Dr. Louise Cosgrove, veterinary for 10+ years – to get it sorted.

Now, I’m lucky to have such an incredible wife. But not everyone has that luxury. So, besides running the veterinary business we have here, I decided to create a blog about cats. I wanted to create a – what you can call a cat-o-pedia for people who don’t have a veterinary partner and often need to rely on the internet for quick and useful information.
So, that’s where I step in. I’ve been running a veterinary business for 15 years.

I live with a pet kangaroo, chickens, dogs, horses and guinea fowl. If you’re having trouble with your cats regarding –

  • Co-habitation
  • Diet
  • Breeding
  • Training
  • Health Issue
  • Or any thing at all

German Rex

This blog is the place to be.
This entire website is dedicated towards helping cat owners with all the info they would likely need to keep their lovely cats happy and healthy. Apart from information, you’ll get recommendations from me, a series of things to do and avoid – and a heap ton of advice that’ll save you the trouble of ending with nothing after hours of online research.

P.S. – I’m all about the welfare of animals. My wife and I regularly donate to the RSPCA. So, all the information you get here will be authentic, reliable, and coming from a place of experience.
I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I love creating them for you. And I hope this blog helps you in more ways than one. Here’s to helping one another – to live a better life.
With love,
Jason “Cat Crazy” Gray

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